Frequently Asked Questions


New business hours: Effective May 19, 2020 Monday to Saturday 9-6. Closed Sundays and statutory holidays.

We now offer contactless pick-up and drop off options, as well as contactless payment (e-transfer) and receipts (emailed.) Please call and request “no contact” when scheduling.

What we are doing to keep our clients safe: All staff will be wearing gloves and face coverings at all times. We have also stepped up our sanitizing and disinfecting all surfaces daily, and as always, your laundry never comes into contact with anyone else’s laundry at any stage of the process.

Call if you have any other questions
250 816 9600



What soap do we use for laundry soap?


We use Tide original, Max industrial, or  Country save which is a eco-friendly detergent


What areas do you service?


We service Ladysmith to Qualicum.


What temperature settings for washing?


Please let us know your temperature preferences and we will be happy to accommodate.


Do you wash clothes separate if they are pre sorted?


Yes we will wash separated clothes in different wash settings.

We will sort for a fee of 35 cents a pound


Do I have to pay each time for the laundry bags


NO you put a deposit on them per bag and we exchange them at each pick-up. Them return the bags for your deposit back.


What is your pick up and drop off times?


Call us to book your time. for pick up and drop off. We have a 24 hour turnaround.

what the laundry fairy can do for YOU!

Pick up from your home and drop off the next day.
Hand wash and hang to dry
Dry cleaning (outsourced) We drop it off and pick it up.
For a fee of $10/pick-up
We take cash
at the door.

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Every Cleaner Is
  • Experienced & professional
  • Reference checked
  • Interviewed in-person
  • Honest and dependable
  • Insured & bonded