We treat your laundry with the utmost respect.

How It Works

Scheduling Pick-Ups & Drop-Off’s: How it works is easy! You just simply log onto our website and select your pick-up and drop off (1 hour time slot) for your laundry service. Here you will also get to choose your wash preferences such as eco-friendly laundry detergent OR powerful-cleaning; dryer sheets OR eco-friendly dryer balls; machine wash. You are also more than welcome to give us a call or text at any time: 250-816-9600, or send us an email: orders@thelaundryfairy.ca and we will be happy to schedule your pick-up and drop-off via email, call or text! We also ask that if there are special circumstances that need explaining, please give us a call and we’ll be happy to try to accommodate any requests. Last minute requests for pick-ups are best done via text message.

Payment: When we return your clean laundry, you pay at the door with either cash, credit or debit. Charges are based on clean laundry weight.

During Pick-Ups: When the Laundry Fairy arrives at your house, we ask for the safety of our drivers, that you meet us at the front door. This way, our drivers don’t have to enter your house or apartment building and it makes pick-ups and drop-offs more efficient. If you aren’t going to be home during a pick-up or drop-off we ask that you call, text or email us in advance to let us know, and we are more than willing to pick-up or drop-off bags of laundry at a pre-designated spot of your choosing that’s safe and secure.

Our Guarantee: You can rest assured that your laundry will never come into contact with anyone else’s laundry at any stage of this process. We treat your personal laundry with the up-most respect, and that means ensuring it stays separate from everyone else’s laundry, and never gets washed, dried, folded, or stored with anyone else’s clothing. We do this by keeping your laundry in its own bag during transport, and keeping it labeled throughout the whole process.

Laundry Bags: When we arrive to pick up your dirty laundry, again you have two choices to meet your needs! You may choose to hand us your dirty laundry in a disposable plastic bag or use one of our bags. Our custom laundry bags have 2 sizes depending on your needs

The regular bags are $15.00 and the small are $10.00 to borrow, and simply borrow any number of any size of laundry bags you choose. When you hand us a full laundry bag at pick-up with clothing in it we will give you an empty bag right then and there so that you’ll always have laundry bags at your house. If you choose to discontinue our service, simply let us know and return our laundry bags to get back your full deposit.

Sorting Laundry: When we pick up your laundry bags, we are going to wash clothes in the same bag together in the same washing machine. If you would like to have colors sorted, we can do that for an added fee or you may sort your laundry into different bags. Please ensure that the contents of each bag is able to be washed together with the other items in the bag, and will not bleed/transfer color to the other clothing.

Your laundry in our care: After pick-ups we will transport your dry cleaning and drop them off with our partners in town and then get working on your laundry! We machine wash and dry your clothes, (or you may choose hand wash and hang to dry for an added fee) and then fold by hand, weigh your laundry, then bag it up. When we delivery your laundry back to you we swing by and pick up your dry cleaning as well. At that point if you have chosen to pay with your card on file we will charge your credit card, then deliver your laundry back to your door with a copy of your receipt. If you’re choosing to pay at the door when we deliver your laundry that’s just fine too! All of our drivers are always able to accept all major credit cards, debit cards, and cash upon delivery.

The Fine Print: We always do our very best at removing stains, but can not guarantee the removal of every stain. We also ask that if there is a tough looking stain on clothing please place it in a “special handling” bag and let us know before we start washing so that we can pre-treat it. The Laundry Fairy can not guarantee the removal of all dirt, stains, and grime, and are not responsible for lost of damaged clothing. All laundry that is bagged together and not asked to be sorted, we can not guarantee they will not bleed/transfer color to other clothing. We guarantee we will return your laundry within 24 hours, but can not guarantee the dry cleaning will be returned in that time frame. If dry cleaning needs longer than 24 hours we will call you to let you know and deliver as soon as it’s ready.

Feel free to call, text or email us at any time! We are open 7 days a week from 8:00am – 9:00pm and are happy to answer any questions you may have!

Then Enjoy your freshly laundered clothing while The Laundry Fairy flies off to help another busy person find more free time!

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